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A very ironic cake!

I got a nasty surprise in the post this morning - an unexpected vet bill for my dog Buffy. She had quite a few lumps and bumps removed in April, and although it was covered by her insurance, unfortunately her policy renewal date fell during her treatment, and the excess payable increased by £75, which was what I had to pay today.

I spent the morning being a domestic goddess (no laughing at the back!!) and as well as making a slow cooker lamb and apricot curry, I also made a lemon drizzle cake - one of my favourites.

I decided to call in at the vets and pay the invoice while the cake was cooling. I left Buffy at home as I was only going to be twenty minutes. My boyfriend and I were joking that she'd better be extra cute today to make up for the vet's bill!

Unfortunately, Buffy can't have been listening - or perhaps she misunderstood the word cute, because when we got back, the loaf tin - with the cake inside - was face down on the floor, and when I turned it over, I saw that she'd eaten half of it! It's over ten years since she last stole food or climbed up on one of the worktops, not since she was a puppy, so I'd trusted her completely with my cooling cake. Never again!

Buffy was banished to her basket, and ignored completely for an hour, which she hates, and I set to baking another cake - I refuse to let her beat me!

1 comment:

  1. OMG, naughty Buffy lol
    Cakes looks delicious, the smell must have tempted her lol