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The gift that just keeps giving!

I was surprised to see my OH return from his usual dog walk this morning with two enormous courgettes. In fact they were so large I had to ask a friend if they were actually marrows! He'd been given them by a nice allotment holder on his walk, and - not knowing George as I do (you learn your lesson after eating cauliflower for a week) - he'd accepted the offer. I'm sure he was expecting one regular greengrocer sized courgette, not two monsters!

Anyway, we had them, now to decide what to do with them! We hadn't any meals planned for the day luckily, other than using up some homemade soup for lunch. We'd planned to buy some fresh bread to go along with that, but settled I stead for mini courgette and chilli pizzas. Very nice, even if I say it myself! We have half the pitta breads left for the same again tomorrow, but even so, had barely used half of one of our courgettes!

So, on to dinner! Needing to use up rather more of our gift, we settled on pan-fried salmon, and large slices of courgette cooked in the George Formby, then covered in cheese and stuck under the grill. Also nice, but I'm not sure I can face the same again tomorrow! I have found a recipe for courgette and lemon cake though, so that may be on the cards for tomorrow!


  1. Looked lovely, tasted lovely, made three meals and may even have done four or five if needs be.

    Going to keep George sweet for more free veg, but probably not as much in one go again


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  3. My wife makes this and it's very good -
    Well worth it if you have a glut of courgettes to get througH!

  4. That looks lush! Will definitley try that next time, I've bookmarked it, thanks!