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He's a very nice man - but he can't fix it!

Ok, so a nice man called Kevin came to check my scooter out this afternoon. He scooted up and down the street in it for a while - which was fairly embarrassing as I don't use it at home, so i doubt any of the neighbours knew I even had a mobility scooter! He then got a few gizmos and gadgets out of his van to check various bits and pieces - thankfully working fairly quickly as he was charging g £10 per fifteen minutes on top of the £50 call out fee!

His verdict after just over half an hour was that the gearbox was kaput, and would cost over £200 to replace, with no guarantee that it hadn't affected the motor, which could also need replacing! So, what a fabby afternoon, it cost me £70 to find out that the scooter's not worth repairing! I'm very reliant on it, so will have to get a replacement from somewhere, although I'm not sure where at the moment!

Anyone got one going spare??

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