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I have a physiotherapy appointment tomorrow, which I'm a bit worried about. I have HMS - hyper-mobility syndrome - which means most of my joints are unstable, painful and prone to dislocation. This means I've had physio lots of games before, but it's always been for hips and knees in the past. This time it's for my shoulder which has been giving me a lot of trouble lately. I'm struggling to use my wheelchair, which is a real nuisance!

My experience of physio in the past hasn't been great. I've often seen students, or people who've known very little about my condition, and have asked me to do things which have been painful, and remained painful for a few days. This is bad enough when it's a knee, but if the same thing happens on my shoulder, and it gets worse than it is now, then I'll be in a bit of a mess!

I really hope I'm proved wrong, and I get someone knowledgeable, who is able to help stabilize the joint without causing too much pain! I'll find out at 3pm tomorrow!

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