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Childhood Holidays

When I heard from a fellow (but much more prolific) blogger that Butlins were running a competition for bloggers to write about their favourite childhood holiday, my first instinct was to think I was excluded. Sadly I was never lucky enough to go on a Butlins holiday as a child, much as I wanted to. My childhood ran mostly through the late seventies and early eighties, so firmly within Hi-de-Hi! territory, and I longed to go to a holiday park which I was sure would be just like that!

Luckily, despite the lack of a Butlins holiday as I was growing up, I can still take part in this promotion - Butlins are looking for memories of childhood holidays in general, not just at their parks. Yay!!

I didn't go abroad until I was 11 - we weren't massively well off, so most of our holidays were either in caravans, or occasionally a small hotel or B&B. I'd have to say that without a doubt my favourite holiday was to Whitby on the east coast. We stayed in a caravan owned by relatives - it was a relatively swanky static caravan, with 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. Definitely a step up from some of the miniscule 1970s touring caravans we'd stayed in before!

 It was on quite a large site, with a shop, and a big clubhouse where they had a nightly disco! Whoop!! Little ten year old me was in her element in the disco. There was a weekly youth club disco at home, so I knew all the moves and all the songs, and I proudly strutted my stuff on the dance floor night after night. To their credit, mum and dad never tried to stop me, or to tell me how ridiculous I must have looked (I can't dance now, and doubt I was any better then!)

I'm sure the days of that holiday were fun-filled and sunny - as most holidays are looking back through rose tinted spectacles, but in truth, all I really remember is getting glammed up every night and heading out to the disco! I was too young to wear make-up, but I had several pairs of deeley boppers, and a couple of slinky jumpsuits made by my mum, and I wasn't afraid to use them!

I had no brothers or sisters, so I headed onto the dance floor on my own that first night, but it's so easy to make friends when you're ten, that before long there was a gang (or mob!) of us tearing round the club - making brief pit-stops at our parent's tables to eat some crisps or drink some coke before heading back out to show off in front of our new friends.

That holiday was definitely a sign of things to come - I spent most of my twenties on holidays abroad where the days were spent lying on a beach somewhere in Greece recovering from the night before, and the holiday was all about the nightlife. I have far more fond memories of those long ago caravan holidays with mum and dad, making new friends, then the more expensive but much less memorable ones in Greece!

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