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Physio Done!

I wrote a couple of days ago that I was worried about a physio appointment I was going to - especially as I've had some bad experiences in the past of being seen by a student, or someone who knew very little about my condition!

I'm pleased to say that my first appointment is over and done with, and was a great success! I saw a lovely woman called Nicky, who knew all about hyper-mobility syndrome and the types of pains and problems it can cause. She immediately knew what the problem was, and how best to treat it.

I have a list of exercises to do several times a day, and I go back for my next appointment in two weeks. The exercises are quite gently at the moment, as my shoulder's so loose and unstable that it's in danger of dislocating until it's a bit more stable, but Nicky seems very confident that I should be able to use my wheelchair again without pain within a few weeks, which will be wonderful!

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  1. There is nothing like some exercise on a daily basis.