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Kitchen Stools!!

As some of my followers will know, I had a new kitchen fitted last year. I desperately needed more storage, so in the redesign, I sacrificed the table I had in the kitchen, and went for a breakfast bar instead.

I spent a long time choosing two really nice bar stools. I knew I wanted comfort, without too much bulk, but they also needed to be easy clean, given that they would be in a busy kitchen!

I chose some nice ones online, and have been really happy with them EXCEPT they look like I've had them for six years not six months! The back of the stool just catches under the edge of the breakfast bar, which is fairly sharp, and has shredded the back! They look dreadful, but are quite an expensive item to replace, so I'm living with it for now.

However, today I found out about an amazing giveaway over at Shopaholic They're giving away £300 worth of bar stools from Kitchen Stools Direct All I have to do to enter is to blog about my favourite item from their site. Not easy when they have so many fantastic products to choose from! Since I know exactly what I don't want after my last experience though, I was able to narrow it down to stools that were either backless, with nothing to catch, or those with a back that would be too high to catch under the counter. I finally decided that if I was lucky enough to win the giveaway, I'd go for the gorgeous Giola Stool in cream. The colour would go perfectly with my cream cupboards, and I'm as sure as I can be that it wouldn't catch. It looks really comfy too!

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